The Sindo Utama Group was founded on the strategic island of Batam, Indonesia in 2002, serving as a dynamic partner to the region’s vitally important shipping and marine offshore industries. The Sindo Utama Group is made up three complementary companies that strategically collaborate together in serving these key industries, namely :


Providing the maritime and offshore industries with custom design and carpentry construction, integrated bridge systems, and electrical switchgears for a wide variety of vessels.


A one-stop solution for all marine contractor and general supplier needs within the shipping and marine offshore industries.  From PA, CO2, and security systems, to cables and MSB Panels, Proyeksindo connects these industries to an extensive assortment of high quality maritime equipment.


Serves as the in-house manufacturing solution for all maritime, commercial, and residential projects for the Sindo Utama Group.  Sindo specializes in meeting all fabrication and machining needs ( mainly stainless steel and aluminum)  at cost-effective prices.

The creative integration of these three innovative, service-oriented companies has truly positioned the Sindo Utama Group for success in their determination to provide Indonesia’s shipping and marine offshore industries with high quality, all-inclusive solutions to their any and every need.  In the coming years, the experienced Sindo Utama Group will continue to grow their operations throughout all of Indonesia, connecting more and more maritime businesses to their outstanding, leading-edge solutions.